Mayo Clinic Medical school coming to Scottsdale!!

Scottsdale mayo Clinic new medical school

New Medical Shool to open in Scottsdale

The Scottsdale Mayo clinic serves more than 90,000 patients each year with an integrated, team-based approach. The Mayo Clinic has begun work with Arizona State University to develop a new medical-school branch in Scottsdale that could begin teaching medical students by 2014. The first class size will be approximately 48 students. This is the first time, the Mayo Clinic has made plans to open a branch of its medical school outside it Rochester, Minn.-based medical school.

The original Scottsdale Mayo Clinic campus, which opened in 1987, includes the Mayo Clinic Building, the Samuel C. Johnson Research Building and the Mayo Clinic Collaborative Research Building. This new facility will be called Mayo Medical School-Arizona campus. It will be located at the current location of the Scottsdale Mayo Clinic on Shea Blvd east of the 101 Freeway loop in Scottsdale. The cost of this project is expected to be $266 million which will pay for the remodeling of existing buildings on the Scottsdale campus, as well covering operations and funding scholarships.

This endeavor is yet another example of Arizona’s health-care providers pursuing lucrative investments Scottsdale Arizona. The new buildings, technology, education and research will be a boost for the local economy. The Mayo Clinic is moving forward despite the sluggish US economy and uncertainty about the future of the nation’s new health care laws.
Mayo clinic is moving forward to expand medical education in Arizona is part of its plan to further cement its roots in the community. In September 2011, the $109 million Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center opened in Gilbert, AZ. A $187 million proton-bean center for treating cancer is planned for the northeast Phoenix Mayo Hospital. The University of Arizona College of Medicine-Phoenix is expanding with a health-sciences-education building under construction in downtown Phoenix. That will be followed with a $136 million expansion of the Arizona Cancer Center in downtown Phoenix. Arizona will soon be the mecca for cancer treatment as well as other medical issues treated by the experts at the Scottsdale Mayo Clinic and ASU facilities.

“It seems like the right time to do this,” Mayo Clinic CEO John Noseworthy said Tuesday. “This is a very strong statement that Mayo Clinic intends to be here and is signaling that we wish to grow our presence in Arizona as the major academic medical center in the Valley.”

The new program is an attempt “to redesign medical education in ways that align with the future of health care delivery,” said Dr. Wyatt Decker, CEO of the Mayo Clinic in Arizona.

Mayo and ASU leaders described the joint-degree program as a new approach to teaching student doctors ways to deliver better, more economical care to patients.

ASU President Michael Crow said the approach will teach doctors more efficient and more effective health care. He said students will be taught how to better evaluate factors such as whether a medical treatment truly will create improved results for patients.

Since 2003, Mayo and ASU have worked together on nursing education, research, joint faculty appointments and dual-degree programs. Earlier in 2011, ASU announced it would relocate its biomedical-informatics program from downtown Phoenix to Scottsdale Mayo campus. ASU also will provide training for Mayo Clinic’s planned proton-beam therapy radiation program, a method of delivering pinpoint radiation treatment for cancer patients.

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This new joint venture will be a win-win for Scottsdale Arizona. We all welcome the new Mayo Clinic Medical school coming to Scottsdale!

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