Arizona A Land of Diversity

Arizona is a land of diversity!

Arizona state of extraordinary topographic diversity and beauty.  While most people think of Arizona as a desert region, much of the state is actually mountainous high country. From the high upland Colorado Plateau to the vast gorge depths of the Grand Canyon, Arizona is a place like no other! The Sonora Desert, in the southwest, contains the lowest point in the state, 70 ft (21 m) above sea level, on the Colorado River near Yuma. Humphreys Peak in the northeast section of Arizona is the highest point in the state, at 12,633 ft (3,853 m).  Travel around this awsome state where adventures are unlimited. The regions of Arizona

Arizona High Country-  Much of the high country sits atop the Mogollon Rim which rises precipitously from the desert floor south of Flagstaff and cuts across the state towards the southeast.  The Arizona High Country includes the mountains of east-central Arizona, from Payson east to the New Mexico border. It features the White Mountains, Lyman Lake State Park, portions of the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest.

Central Arizona- Central Arizona, located in the middle of the state and north of Phoenix, features Prescott National Forest, Verde Valley Wilderness, Tonto Natural Bridge State Park, and Dead Horse Ranch State Park. In a forested bowl 5,300 feet above sea level, Prescott is a prime summer refuge for Phoenix-area dwellers.

Grand Canyon Country- Grand Canyon Country encompasses northwestern Arizona. It features Grand Canyon National Park, Kaibab National Forest, and Slide Rock State Park. Flagstaff is the largest city in the region. See the brilliant red rocks of Sedona, slide down a slick natural water chute, travel north through the scenic beauty of Oak Creak Canyon and then check out the Grand Canyon which is Arizona’s most distinguishable landmark!
Northeast Arizona- Northeast Arizona includes the area north of Interstate 40 and east of US Highway 89. It is home to Monument Valley, Canyon de Chelly, Petrified Forest National Park, the Painted Desert and Lake Powell. Vast plains. Snow-capped mountains. Lush, green forests of Ponderosa pine trees — the largest in the world. Towering cottonwood trees with wildlife of nearly every size roaming throughout. Grandiose canyons and epic valleys.

Phoenix Area- Known as the “Valley of the Sun,” and covering over 400 square miles, the Phoenix metropolitan area lies southwest of the Mazatzal Mountains, near where the Verde and Salt Rivers meet.

Southern Arizona Southern Arizona is a region of desert lowlands, high desert and rugged, forest-topped mountains. The city of Tucson lies at the heart of this region. If Arizona is well known for anything, it’s its old wild, wild west reputation. Its gun-toting, cowboy hate wearing, horseback riding history – here in southern Arizona, this is where you’ll find it all!

Western Arizona- Downstream from the Grand Canyon, the Colorado River reaches Hoover Dam, where it forms Lake Mead. Western Arizona encompasses the area from Lake Mead, south past Yuma, to the Mexican border.  Go boating, fishing, four-wheeling, scuba diving, camping, bird watching, golfing and much more. There’s no better place to fulfill all your sand and water recreational needs than in western Arizona.


Relocating from southern California to Arizona more than thirty years ago seemed like a big adjustment. However, our fears of desert living were quickly dispelled and we fell in love with the diversity of Arizona and have never regretted the move.  In those early days, we spent many weekends exploring all that Arizona had to offer.  We still enjoy traveling to new places we missed or trying new adventures that Arizona has to offer. Most recently, we discovered the Peach Mania Festival at Apple Annie’s Orchard in Wilcox east of Tucson. The homemade ice cream mixed with fresh peach pie is definitely to die for!  They host Apple Pie Weekend in September…..we may just have to take another little excursion to determine if the apple pie is as mouth watering as the peach pie!  All lo-cal, of course. After all it is mostly dairy and fruit, right?

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Arizona is a great place to Live, Work and Play!  Check us out!

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